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About Us

JINING SPEED INDUSTRY CO.,LIMITED     JINING SPEED INDUSTRY CO.,LIMITED located in  Shandong province, was established in September 2009. It’s a private enterprise supply reclaimed rubber mainly. After years of unremitting efforts, it has been one of the larger high-performance reclaimed rubber supply company, can supply high-performance reclaimed rubber 3000 ton per year.      In order to meet the requirements of market development and customers, our company has always been focusing on research and development of sales and production. Our company can supply various products of different specifications and performances including top tire reclaimed rubber, latex reclaimed rubber , butyl reclaimed rubber,epdm reclaimed...

Catalogue and Products

Fluorine Rubber Powder

fluorine rubber powder, fluorine rubber powder, fluorine rubber powder, 60 mesh rubber powder,

High tensile reclaim rubber

16mpa tire reclaimed rubber, High tensile tire reclaimed rubber, High tensile latex reclaimed rubber, High tensile recycled rubber,

Isoprene reclaimed rubber

Isoprene reclaimed rubber, Isoprene reclaimed rubber for inner tube, PP recycled rubber, Grey recycled rubber,

Rubber activator

rubber activator

Rubber activator

superfine reclaimed rubber

superfine reclaimed rubber

white reclaimed rubber

white latex reclaiemd rubber, High tensile white reclaimed rubebr, white latex recycled rubber, 6mpa-16mpa white reclaimed rubber,

butyl reclaimed rubber

Butyl Reclaimed Rubber, Butyl Reclaimed Rubber, butyl reclaimed rubber, Butyl inner tube reclaimed rubber, Butyl recycled rubber, 8mpa butyl recycled rubber,

epdm reclaimed rubber

ethylene propylene diene reclaim, epdm reclaimed rubber, EPDM Reclaimed Rubber, EPDM recycled rubber, EPDM recycle rubber, EPDM recycle rubber,

NBR Reclaimed Rubber

NBR Reclaimed Rubber, NBR Reclaimed Rubber, Fine NBR Reclaimed Rubber, nbr recycle rubber,

inodorous reclaimed rubber

10 mpa Inodorous Reclaimed Rubber

6.5mpa inodorous recycle rubber

6.5mpa inodorous recycle rubber

8mpa inodorous regenerative rubber

8mpa inodorous regenerative rubber, 8mpa scentless reclaimed rubber, 8mpa odorless recycled rubber,

9.5mpa odorlessness reclaimed rubber

9.5mpa odorlessness reclaimed rubber

12mpa inodorous reclaimed rubber

12mpa inodorous reclaimed rubber, 12mpa odorless recycled rubber,

14mpa scentless reclaimed rubber

14mpa scentless reclaimed rubber, 14 mpa Inodorous Reclaimed Rubber,

latex reclaimed rubber

non blackness reclaimed rubber

non blackness reclaimed rubber

white reclaim rubber

white reclaim rubber, white reclaimed rubber, White reclaimed rubber,

rubber powder

butyronitrile rubber powder

butyronitrile rubber powder

epdm rubber powder

epdm rubber powder

tire rubber powder

tire rubber powder, 80 mesh tire reclaimed rubber powder,

tyre reclaimed rubber

Natural reclaimed rubber

6.5mpa reclaimed rubber

6.5mpa tire reclaimed rubber, 6.5mpa tire recycled rubber,

8mpa reclaimed rubber

8Mpa Reclaim Rubber, 8Mpa Reclaimed Rubber, reclaim rubber,

9.5mpa reclaimed rubber

9.5Mpa Reclaimed Rubber, 9.5Mpa Reclaimed Rubber, 9.5 RECLAIMED RUBBER,

12mpa reclaimed rubber

12Mpa Reclaim Rubber, 12Mpa Reclaimed Rubber,

14mpa reclaimed rubber

14Mpa Reclaimed Rubber, 14Mpa Reclaimed Rubber,

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